List of events related to the 180th anniversary of the
Bulgarian Revival scholar Nestor Marcoff 1836-1916
(mathematics, physics and lexicography):

  • International conference “Biomath 2016”, 18-25 June 2016, Blagoevgrad, poster presentation devoted to N. Marcoff;

  • The Institute of mathematics and informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences organizes a jubilee exposition in the library of the Institute in the period 11-24th July 2016;

  • A plenary lecture devoted to N. Marcoff at the "History of physics" section of the 3rd national congress of physics, Sofia, Sept. 29 -Oct. 2, 1916;

  • The Institute for Bulgarian language at BAS organizes a jubilee scientific session “N. Marcoff and his contribution to lexicography and the education in mathematics and physics” on the 24th November 2016;

  • A jubilee collection of refereed papers presented at the above scientific session will be published;

  • The Libraries at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences organize a jubilee exposition in the foyer of the central building of BAS in the period 23-26th November 2016;

  • The National Library “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences organize a jubilee exposition in the central and west foyer of NLCM in the period 10-25th January 2017.

  • Co-organizers of the events are several institutes and libraries of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (the Institute for Bulgarian language, the Institute of mathematics and informatics, the Institute for historical studies, the Institute of solid body physics with Museum of physics), the Union of mathematicians in Bulgaria and the Biomath Forum society.

    Program committee: D. Blagoeva, N. Dimitrova, G. Kamisheva, P. Kenderov, I. Todev.
    Organizing committee: V. Grigorova, M. Lovjieva, M, Mladenova, S. Naidenova, K. Sotirova