Biomath 2017 keynote speakers (confirmed so far)

Jacek Banasiak
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Pierre Couteron
IRD and CIRAD, France

Cang Hui
University of Stellenbosch and AIMS, South Africa

Svetoslav Markov
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Melodie McGeogh
Monash University, Australia

Laura Miller
University of North Carolina, USA

Rights and obligations of the keynote speakers:
Keynote speakers are invited to submit extended abstracts and register via the usual procedure for participation, see Participation.
Keynote speakers are given 40 min for oral presentations. Registration fees and local expenses are covered by the Organising Committee.
Keynote speakers are invited to participate in the School for Young Scientists as lecturers, moderators, panellists in the panel discussion and Jury members.
Keynote speakers are invited to submit original or review articles on their presentations for publication in the journal Biomath to appear before the conference.
Keynote speakers are invited to submit materials related to the School for Young Scientists to journal Biomath Communications to appear before the conference.
Keynote lecturers should be available during the whole conference.

Former Biomath keynote speakers & SYS moderators/Jury members:

Biomath 2016: Diekmann, O. (Odo) (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Yves Dumont (CIRAD, Montpellier, France), Caner Kazanci (University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA), Patrick Shipman(Colorado State University, USA), Hans-Joachim Wieden (University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) more

Biomath 2015: Ekaterina Auer (Germany), Ivan G. Ivanov (Bulgaria), Ivan V. Ivanov (USA), Vlastimil Krivan (Chech Republic), Christina Kuttler (Germany),
Leandar Litov (Bulgaria; plenary lecturte), Cyril Piou (France) more

Biomath 2014: Nakul Chitnis (Switzerland), Peter Erdi (Hungary), Andrey Karshikoff (Bulgaria; plenary lecture), Vaclav Klika (Czech Republic), Maia Martcheva (USA), John Miller (Ireland), Svetoslav G. Nikolov (Bulgaria), Anastas Pashov (Bulgaria), Unal Ufuktepe (Turkey) more

Biomath 2013: Roumen Anguelov (RSA), Becca Asquith (UK), Sorana D. Bolboaca (Roumania), Carlos Chavez-Castillo (USA), Nick Cogan (USA), Gergely Rost (Hungary), Vered Rom-Kedar (Israel), Antti Niemi (France), Marc R. Roussel (Canada), Meir Shillor (USA), Stefanie Sonner (Germany) more

Biomath 2012: Neli Dimitrova, Jozsef Z. Farkas, Peter Hinow, Kamen Ivanov, Jean Lubuma, Santiago Schnell, Claudia Timofte

Biomath 2011: Azmy S. Ackleh, Venko Beschkov, Yves Dumont, Ralitza V Gueorguieva, Hristo Kojouharov, Weldon A. Lodwick, Svetozar Margenov, Nickolay Yanev

Destobio 1997: Jim Michael Cushing, Odo Diekmann, Mimmo Iannelli, Peter Jagers, Marek Kimmel, Jia Li, Fabio Milner

Biomath 1995: Dalcidio M. Claudio, Peter Erdi, Georgi Gluhchev, Vlastimil Krivan, Philip Maini, Valko Petrov, Antony Popov
A. G. Rigas, Dmitri Shiriaev, Ivan Simeonov, Julius Stuller, John S. Swart, Roumen Tsanev, Zahari Zlatev more